How far will you get and what will you discover?

We usually recommend that novice boaters or those on a short break head west towards the Roman City of Bath.  Experienced boaters or boaters with more time often head east up the famous Caen Hill flight of 29 locks into the rural Wiltshire Downs.

The information below provides a good overview to plan your trip, then view our interactive Kennet and Avon Canal map for a detailed guide to boating travel time/distances of all the canal pubs, attractions and places along the way.


Travelling West from Foxhangers wharf

Your first night…for many boaters a welcoming pub is a must on the first night!  These four pubs are reachable and worth a visit.
The Three Magpies – 20 mins boating. No swing bridges. No locks.
The Barge Inn – 1-2 hrs boating.  2 swing bridges.  No locks.  Plus a 5 minute  walk.  Or do 3 locks and moor up in the pub garden!
The Brewery Inn – 1-2 hrs boating.  2 swing bridges.  3 locks
The Somerset Arms – 4 boating hours.  4 swing bridges.  7 locks.


Bradford-on-AvonHoliday makers enjoying the quaint market towns and villages along the canal

5½ boating hours, 8 locks, 5 swing bridges

  • Easy route for weekly and short breaks

If you are looking for an easy route for a weekend break, travelling to the historic town Bradford-on- Avon is a great option. If you planning on going further, you will find this town an excellent place to stop on your trip. Lots of interesting places to visit, excellent selection of pubs and restaurants and from the canal the town centre is a short walk along the river Avon.


Avoncliffe AqueductAvoncliff Aqueduct and riverside dining on the Kennet and Avon Canal

6 boating hours, 8 locks, 6 swing bridges.

  • A must see
  • Easy route for weekly breaks
  • Moderate route for short breaks

Navigate over one of the most impressive structures on Britain’s waterways, the Avoncliff Aqueduct at over 100 metres long and 18 metres wide, carries the Kennet & Avon Canal over the River Avon.  A great “picture box” location to moor up overnight and visit the famous Cross Guns Pub.

Bath ValleyDundas Aqueduct Bath Valley Kennet and Avon Canal

6½-8 boating hours, 8 locks, 6 swing bridges

  • Moderate route for short breaks
  • Easy route for weekly breaks

For about 1½ hours of boating the canal is enclosed in the wooded hillside twice swapping sides across the valley & over the River via the Aqueducts of Dundas and Avoncliff. With fantastic views of the surrounding hills, the aqueducts are worth a visit and make great places to turn around on a short break. Nestled into the Valley visit the delightful village of Limply Stoke.  Dundas Aqueduct and Claverton pumping station are also must-sees.

BathVist the City of Bath by Canal Boat

9 boating hours, 8 locks, 8 swing bridges

  • Easy Route for Weekly breaks
  • Active Route for Short breaks

Bath is beautiful small city, moor on canal above top lock or if you have time drop down onto the river and turn below Pulteney Bridge with views of the abbey across the river. Seasoned boaters and determind beginners can make it to Bath over a weekend or a midweek break. If you are looking to take it easy, a week will allow you time to put your feet up on the way and stop for a bit of shopping and sightseeing in the city centre.

BristolNarrow boat holidays - visit Bristol Harbour

18 boating hours, 21 locks, 8 swing bridges

  • Active route for weekly breaks
  • Easy route for longer breaks (10, 11 and 14 nights)

Allow a day to cruise down from the Bath to Bristol where the scenery is more varied than many rivers. But be warned the river rises very quickly after prolonged rain especially in early spring. Seasoned boaters have been known to make this journey from Foxhangers to Bristol and back in a week. If you’re planning to visit Bristol by boat it is best to consider how many boating hours  you want to do each day. If you want to take it easy with lots of stops along the way book a boat for 10-14 days


Travelling East from Foxhangers

Couple enjoying a Foxhangers Hire Boat Holiday by Caen Hill Locks, Devizes

Caen Hill locks

1½ boating hours, locks, swing bridges

  • Active route for short breaks
  • Easy route for weekly breaks

Caen Hill flight is a marvel of canal engineering raising boats 240ft in 29 locks over two miles. The main staircase of 19 locks starts at lock 44 which is just 1½ hours boating from our wharf where you pick up the boat.  The entire Caen Hill section 29 locks takes around 4½  hours to navigate, and there are often Canal and River trust volunteers ready to help you through the locks. For your first night navigate the 5 locks from Foxhangers wharf to the bottom of the main staircase where you can moor up ready to begin in the morning.


Wadworth Brewery Devizes

5 boating hours, 29 locks, 0 swing bridges

  • Active route for short breaks
  • Easy route for weekly breaks

Devizes is a Wiltshire market town renowned for its Wadworth 6x real ale, which is brewed alongside the canal and delivered by traditional, horse and cart to the local pubs. A great place to stop and relax before or after navigating the caen hill flight.




Pewsey Wharf

8½ boating hours, 29 locks, 3 swing bridges

  • Active route for short breaks
  • Easy route for weekly breaks

In the heart of the vale, Pewsey is a charming village. The mysterious and undated Wansdyke follows the ridge parallel to the canal for 20 miles offering circular walks with views of Silbury Hill, Avebury and the two largest hills in Wiltshire. Pewsey is a great destination for holiday makers on a Midweek break and for those looking to take it easy over a weeks holiday alike.


Worlds Oldest Beam Engine on the Kennet and Avon Canal

Crofton pumping station

14½ boating hours, 33 locks, 3 swing bridges

  • Moderate route for weekly breaks
  • Easy route for longer breaks

6 boating hours on from Pewsey and you have successfully navigated what is often known by boaters as ‘the long pound’ running from the bottom of the crofton flight all the way to the Caen Hill locks. Often a great turning place for a weeks holiday.


Hungerford Wiltshire


20 boating hours, 56 locks, 4 swing bridges

  • Active route for weekly breaks
  • Moderate route for longer breaks (10, 11  and 14 night)

20 hours from Foxhangers, one of the two largest towns in the Kennet Valley offering full amenities, with Hungerford particularly noted for its Antique shops. It is possible to do this trip in a week. Book for 10-14 days if you want to take it slowly.


Moor up in Newbury and Enjoy the town centre


  • Active route for 10-14 nights

26 boating hours, 66 locks, 4 swing bridges

26 hours from Foxhangers, one of the two largest towns in the Kennet Valley offering full amenities and great shopping. At Newbury Wharf, you can see many buildings linked to the canal’s history. The canal passes through the leafy Victoria Park, with the traditional English attractions of a boating lake, bandstand and bowls club.


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