March 5, 2021 -

Foxglove gets an upgrade

foxhangers Canal Boat Foxglove on the K&A

Here at Foxhangers, we pride ourselves on the continual upkeep and maintenance of our fleet. During the off-season, when the canal is not as usable and can even be frozen, all our boats undergo an annual winter maintenance program which can include touching up the paintwork, replacing worn parts and servicing all major components from cookers to stern tubes. Another part of our annual maintenance is to carry out major upgrades to our fleet that improve the overall experience for our customers, sometimes we will install a new kitchen or rearrange the layout to create a more luxurious space and ensure that our boats are always of the highest specification.

Our most recent project is upgrading narrowboat Foxglove’s toilet and holding tank from the traditional narrowboat style to macerator pump toilets, starting with Foxglove. The benefit of macerator toilets is that they are much more like the toilets you would have at home therefore creating a more home-like environment while on board, as well as reducing the ability for odours to escape from the toilet tank. Along with the Foxglove upgrade, our platinum boat Darwin’s Fox was built with a macerator toilet and our newest boat currently being built will also benefit from the upgraded toilet system. One bathroom at a time, our plan is for the rest of our fleet to receive similar updates over the coming seasons.